gramps 0.1.5 has been released and is available on SourceForge.  An RPM package built under RH7.X has been uploaded, as well as the source tar file.  Note that those using Python 2.0 (Mandrake 8.0) will have to download the .tar.gz and do the typical configure; make; make install.

This version implements PDF reports, if you have the open source reportlab package installed.  This can be downloaded from .  This package should be untar'ed in either you python site-packages directory.  If you choose to load it somewhere else, make sure your PYTHONPATH environment variable points you to the package.

If you have the python imaging library installed, gramps will take advantage of it.  This is should be availabe on Mandrake 8.0 and as a Debian package.  Eventually, I will have a RH rpm file on the gramps web page (  If you have the python image library installed, PDF files can contain photos.  Otherwise, PDF files will not have photos.

If your language is not English, the reportlab package available on the reportlab site will cause problems.  They have fixed this problem, but have not released the package yet.  You can get a working copy from their CVS installation at

Version 0.1.5

* Plenty of bug fixes in the report generators and merging due to the
 previous addition of date ranges.
* Added PDF file type generation for reports. Depends on the reportlab
 package (available at  If the package is not
 installed, gramps will run, but without PDF generation ability.
* Will use the Python Imaging Library if present to handle images.  If
 not, it will revert to the old method of using Imagick (convert).
* The user can select an attribute (from the attribute list) to display
 on the Edit Person window.
* The internal gramps ID is now displayed on the Edit Person window.
* Marriage types can now be recorded.
* Addresses now use a single date instead of multiple dates, since
 dates can now deal with ranges.
* Due to a bug in Python 2.0/GTK interaction, list colors are disabled
 for Python 2.0 and above.
* configure script now properly deals with Python include paths,
 eliminating the need to hand edit the src/Makefile to get gramps to
 run under Python 2.X.
* Photos are now displayed properly again in the Edit Person gallery.
* Family notes are now implemented.

Don Allingham