I thought I should probably give some kind of description and explaination of the gramps project, so here it goes.

Gramps originally started out as a set of perl scripts to help maintain my family genealogy site (http://members.home.net/allingham-capp).  My father is the actual genealogy wizard of the family, and he would send GEDCOM files to me so I could build the web page.  Since making changes by hand to a GEDCOM file isn't exactly fun, and the perl scripts were hard to maintain, I switched to python, and gramps started to evolve.

I'm also a bit of a Linux enthusiast.  Since I couldn't find a good graphical genealogy program for Linux, I had to write my own.  My father and a few others helped convince me that I should release it as an open source package, so here it is.

Gramps is still in its early stages.  It will have bugs.  I also have only so much time I can devote to it. That said, it is evolving quickly, both in features and stability.

How can you help out?  Even if you are not a programmer, you can help out in many ways.  These include:

* Using it and reporting problems.
* Helping to develop ideas and improvments.  What doesn't it do that it should?  What would be really helpful if it as added?
* Documentation. A user's manual will be needed.
* Translations (I've had several offers here to help translate into other languages.  I'm still working on how to do that, and will let everyone know when I figure it out)
* Graphics.  The person view, family view, and pedegree view icons on the tool bar are really lame.

If you are a programmer, and don't mind Python, there are quite a few things that need to be added.

Don Allingham