Should gramps really need this hack for users under python2?
Is it for bundle (port)?

It has been removed on python3, and we know that it is not very nice coding.

Note, I know that pylint can generate false/positive, but if my environment is returning an error on this section, then I suppose that something is incomplete or not properly set under my environment.

Does it explain why some TYPE changed (str then unicode) during uni tests (or by running gramps via source) under my configuration (linux/python2)?

OK, a custom method, but if this can lead to timing issues or whatever on runtime, then maybe we should make a GEP for listing such ways for future refactorings?

Le jeu. 8 mai 2014 at 23:50, Josip <> a écrit :
if sys.version_info[0] < 3: reload(sys) + + # Module 'sys' has no 'setdefaultencoding' member + sys.setdefaultencoding('utf8') ## import os
setdefaultencoding is member of sys modules but is removed from it after processing at python startup, because of that we reload it. Their usage has always been "discouraged", but code is valid.
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