Since I had to do some research before answering the question I thought I would post some useful links here(since it's going to two lists):  (check out the one by grokelaw),1895,1912999,00.asp,289142,sid39_gci1249985,00.html


On 6/30/07, Alex Roitman <> wrote:
Hi all,

As you may already know, the version 3 of the GNU GPL has
been recently released. Earlier, in the GPLv3 draft days,
we discussed this on irc and thought that we probably want
to license gramps under GPLv3 when it is released.

So now we're carefully reading the released version of the
license to make certain that there's no unexpected issues.

Can anybody see any potential problems for gramps switching
to GPL 3? Any good reason why we should not?


P.S. Please let's try to avoid flamewars based on the lines of
"...but Linus does not switch to GPL 3 so we should not either..."
If you have arguments for or against, please bring them up,
but it has to be about GRAMPS, not other people's business.

Alexander Roitman

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