This, I think, would be a wonderful feature.  I think there
are a number of classes of users who might find this much easier.

However, I can see a number of issues surfacing:
  users would most likely want a "collapse/expand" feature
for the nodes in the tree along with possible validation
or lint feature before writing to disk to ensure some
degree of integrity.  Another issue with the direct editing
is the possibility to add many similar records by
copying and pasting.  I can also see a number of issues
related with this in that users would most likely request
for pattern/template features to add multiple records.

I think professional genealogist might go for the idea of
editing the raw data file, however, they may not because
of issues of integrity.  We may want to field this question
in the user community.


On 6/25/07, Don Allingham <> wrote:
On Mon, 2007-06-25 at 12:46 -0700, Alex Roitman wrote:
> Now, the question remains: are we going to allow the users to open
> XML and GEDCOM files *directly*? By "directly" I mean "without
> setting up a Family tree and then importing XML data into it".
> We have backend allowing gramps to view/edit Gramps XML file
> in place. The question is, how do we enable user to do that?

A related question is:

  Is the ability to directly edit XML databases a useful feature that
  enough people use, or are we putting effort into supporting
  something that has little value to the end user?  I edit using the
  XML format for my own development work, but do the users find
  this valuable?

  Note that this is different from import and exporting XML databases.
  This is directly making changes to an XML database without importing
  or exporting.

I personally don't see the ability going away, but the real question
would be if we need to support this in the GUI. I can get by with
clicking on the file in a file manager or calling it from the command


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