I posted this with gramps-users, but the only reply was to do what I have already done.
      I have tried to duplicate my Gramps file and media on a relative's computer who also has loaded Gramps. I have tried exporting using .gpkg. I constantly get messages saying the other person's computer has failed to accept my copy when I try to Import it. I assumed this was because the original file has me as the owner. I try to give permission to all, but that does not work, as the copy when opened in the second machine does not permit that beyond group.
      Specifically, I exported using all the defaults  (I have Ubuntu 12.10 and Gramps 3.4.0-1).  Burned a DVD with "untitiled_1.gpkg".  My target computer uses Ubuntu 12.04
and Gramps 3.4.1-1.  It is owned by Lee.  I opened a new "Family Tree 1", then asked Gramps to import the file from the DVD.  I always get the message "Error extracting into /Home/Lee/untitled_1.gpkg.media".  Copy of exported file available on request.
What am I doing wrong? Any help appreciated.