>I will try this on one of the editor windows tomorrow night and see if it fixes the leaks.

I have experimented further with the event editor window and it is showing some promise.

For this particular window all the non-glade GTK objects are concentrated in the various tab page objects. In my own repository I have added a cleanup method to each tab object as well as their ancestor objects GrampsTab, ButtonTab and EmbeddedList where I can del any instance variables pointing to GTK objects. Instance variables containing lists of these objects also need removing from scope.

Any window based on EditPrimary has a cleanup_on_exit method where each tab cleanup method can be called followed by a del on the instance variables referencing each tab.

Doing all of this gives me an event editor window that closes down cleanly without leaving behind any of it's little friends. I don't have any more time to work on Gramps till the weekend, so I shall commit some changes to SVN then, but it's looking good so far.