An experimental lunisolar calendar support exists since many years!
See feature request #4400 [1].

First problem, need to include this feature into a new major release because we need to support it for all locales (english and for localized date handlers).

Second problem, need to be tested by people who need this calendar, and maybe can maintain or report any issues related to this new feature.

As alternate way, there is a simple date handler for Chinese locale(s).
This module is disabled by default, but it should be easy to enable it on next releases. This module does not add support for lunisolar calendar - which needs changes around years/months/calendars/leap - but it provides localization for strings around date (month names, qualified, calendar names, etc ...) 

[1] https://gramps-project.org/bugs/view.php?id=4400


Le lun. 5 mai 2014 at 4:46, YH Tan <astyh83@gmail.com> a écrit :

As I am working with Chinese genealogy, which uses the lunar calendar, I wonder if Gramps is able to provide the lunar calendar option under date selection.

If automatic conversion needs to wait, developers may at least provide a way of indicating dates belonging to a calender other than the current given options.

I tried entering the string '(lunar)' as 'text comment: ' under date selection but the change cannot be saved.

Can anyone help out with this?

Thank you!