Dave Marshall, thanks for the input, but the problem has been resolved with the help of Benny Malengier. I had the descendant gramplet installed and it computes in the background, slowing things down.

Actually I love the 64-bit version of Linux. Every application that I want is available and I have had absolutely no compatibility problems with anything. I have increased my RAM to 8GB to make my video/graphics manipulation faster. AMD64 works great and I have abandoned 32-bit forever.

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I am using PCLinuxOS-Gnome 2009.2 with Gramps. The computer is AMD Athlon Dual Core with 4gb memory. Gramps runs exceptionally good. Unless you need the 64 bit OS for something else, you might want to try reloading and using the 32 bit version. I do not know for a fact that 32 bit vs. 64 bit is a problem with Linux and Gramps, but I have seen smoke coming out the ears of a few poor souls that made the mistake of buying the 64 bit version of Windows when their 32 bit programs did not run right, or did not run at all. If the 32/64 bit issue is a problem with Linux, it makes sense that it could be part of your problem because database applications sometimes CPU and hard drive intensive.