Should I still release it[1]?

Is it OK for the content of the updated NEWS file?

commit [a1085d]..

+Version 4.1.0, the "Name go in book", new major release.
+* GEP 006: Better Place handling
+* GEP 032: DB backend API
+* GEP 033: Abstract DB API
+* New Tags support on Event, Place, Repository, Source, and Citation
+* Source/Citation Data becomes Attributes
+* Add optional support for checksum on Media object
+* New place hierarchies model
+* By default, you can choose navigator modes with a drop down.
+* New Place editor
+* Enhanced MediaReference Editor
+* Some debug tools move to new gramplets
+* Better Python 3 support
+* New functions and widgets related to Place and Media selections
+* Enhancements on to_struct()
+* New methods on Date handlers
+* Better support on translation for inflection rules


Le sam. 14 juin 2014 at 20:02, Nick Hall <> a écrit :
On 14/06/14 15:02, John Ralls wrote:
Jérôme, Nick, A reminder: I'm leaving for Brussels less than two weeks. If you want 4.1 to have a Mac bundle before August, you need to release it very soon. Regards, John Ralls
John, I am happy for us to release v4.1 either today or tomorrow. The Gtk bugs really require Gtk fixes. We don't have any acceptable workarounds. The 100% cpu problem, which also exists in v4.0, will be difficult to track down. I can't reproduce it yet. Nick.