Is it not close to bug #7362 ? Also, I have a possible work around Gtk.AttachOptions.FILL for Date entry (field + date editor) into Filter gramplet,
which can generate a width extension under my config (means call scrollbar...). Only visible on People, Events, Citations, Media views: primary objects with Date field! I do not have the scrollbar issue, still using Gtk 3.6.

Otherwise, maybe a dev could quickly review:

* 7678_variable_assignments.patch (3,881 bytes) //bug #7678
* 7678_method_twice.patch (320 bytes)
* 7678_self.patch (3,242 bytes)
* 7678_undefined_variable.patch (5,945 bytes)

reported for 4.0.x , but I suppose not fixed on 4.1 too.

It was simple fixes for some "possible" coding error into code.
It did not fix all reported warnings and errors ([0.txt:4.txt], only sections where I thought that I was able to understand the idea behind the code.

Some typos have been already fixed into git (assignment, call module, etc ...).
Maybe to fix more of them, at least for 4.1.x, could fix some issues before one generates a bug report. They should have been grouped by type of error.
So, once we understand the type of error, fixes could be common.


Le lun. 2 juin 2014 at 23:32, Nick Hall <> a écrit :
On 02/06/14 20:05, Josip wrote:
The rendering problem in the geography view can be fixed by putting the >views into HBox and VBox containers, rather than HPaned and VPaned >containers. This fixes the width of the gramplet bars. I don't want to >do this.
I would like to play with it. In which file they are?
I can't find the code I was working on at the moment. The modification is easy though. Edit the gramps/gui/views/ file. In the build_interface method changed the HPaned and VPaned widgets to HBox and VBox. You will also need to change the pack1 and pack2 methods to pack_start. This fixed the rendering problem for me. Nick. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Learn Graph Databases - Download FREE O'Reilly Book "Graph Databases" is the definitive new guide to graph databases and their applications. Written by three acclaimed leaders in the field, this first edition is now available. Download your free book today! _______________________________________________ Gramps-devel mailing list