I visited the link you included but could not find any mention of GRAMPS. I checked the current GRAMPS documentation and it does not mention the older style of saving files. Since surname databases are now managed through the Family Manager, I am wondering how to manage my older GRAMPS surname files.
  1. As I asked in my previous message, should I open the older files in the newest version of GRAMPS and re-save them?
  2. When/If doing so, would it be safe to delete the old files?
  3. Will all files re-saved as new databases be listed in the Family Manager?
I am particularly interested in this last question since the new alpa-numeric naming of surname files make it hard to find databases by name.


On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 6:42 PM, Duncan Lithgow <duncan.lithgow@gmail.com> wrote:
2009/11/29 . . <lrlaskey@gmail.com>:
> As I stated in another post, I am just now returning to my genealogy and a
> newer version of GRAMPS. Prior versions allowed for the saving of surname
> files into surname directories. I have many, many such directories each of
> which holds gedcoms and surname files.

I don't believe that surname files or surname directories exists in
the current versions of Gramps. I've never heard of them.

 Looking at this post
http://www.geneamusings.com/2009_04_01_archive.html I think you might
be talking about the way gramps (before my time) used to help organise
external files. Gramps no longer does this, but of course you can do
it yourself, I have plenty of opinion and thought on the matter...