My question was not clear, I apologize. Someone answered my message and explained that the new method is to used the Family Manager to do the same. That is resolved.

I do,however, have a question that I hope someone can respond to.

As I stated in another post, I am just now returning to my genealogy and a newer version of GRAMPS. Prior versions allowed for the saving of surname files into surname directories. I have many, many such directories each of which holds gedcoms and surname files.

Since all surname files are now managed by the Family Manager, I hope I have the name correct, will all existing surname database files be listed there in the Family Manger drop down menu?

I viewed the .gramps > grampsdb directories and found my surname database directories although I am not sure all of them are there, yet. Anyway, the directory names were not recognizable being alpha numeric.

So if I wanted to find a particular surname database directory, I could not easily do it although I found another less efficient method. So the question arises, do I need to look for them in these GRAMPS directories or will they all be listed in the "Family Manager"?

And, do I need to open each of these older surname files that I have created in the past and re-save so they will now live in the correct GRAMPS directories.

If so, once that is done, is it safe to delete the older surname files?


On Fri, Nov 27, 2009 at 5:22 PM, Duncan Lithgow <duncan.lithgow@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm sorry, but your question makes no sense to me. What are the files
you're talking about? If you mean 'Family Trees' then you can only
have one open in one copy of gramps. If you need two trees open at
once, just open gramps first with one, then open another copy of
gramps for the other tree.