On Tuesday, November 06, 2012 03:26:54 PM, Benny Malengier, an eminent 

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> Best is to copy your backup .gramps directory over to the current one, in

> Precise, specifically, the .gramps/grampsdb folder.

> Then, if you start gramps, it should find this directory and show your

> previous family trees. As you did a big upgrade, opening a family tree will

> pop up a dialog, indicating it will upgrade the family tree to the latest

> database format.


i did pretty much exactly that (i.e. i copied my .gramps directory from the 

backup to the new home directory) and everything came back to the way it was! 


the only problem i had was that the path for the media files was wrong, but i 

was able to change that without any problems, and now everything is copacetic 


AND one of the first things i did was to use the (NEW?) "Make Backup" 

feature, which will now become one of the things that i do before i regularly 

backup my home directory, from here on out...

thanks! the problem is solved! 8)





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