On Oct 25, 2013, at 5:02 AM, Benny Malengier <benny.malengier@gmail.com> wrote:

Well, and make a decision how we handle the master branch:
 1. single small group that merges pull requests into the master (like the linux kernel)
 2. use it like svn, with all developers able to commit to master

With our experience with Gramps, I'm afraid a 1. is no going to work as the small group of core developers don't have the time needed to quickly respond to pull requests...

I can't think of any good reason to restrict push to a smaller group than the current set of svn committers. New or occasional contributors can still submit patches via Mantis, to be given push when they've earned the trust of the project
admins, just like they do now. That's pretty much how all of the larger projects (Gnome, Freedesktop, Cairo, Apache) handle it. 
Linux is the exception because they didn't use a central repo until recently; Torvalds wrote git specifically to avoid needing one
and designed the workflow accordingly.

John Ralls