Hi Nicky,
Iím running windows8.1, but I wonít get started on that because I get irrational once I do, and I downloaded GrampsAIO64 3.4.8-1, and for some reason also GrampsAIO64 3.4.8-1 Console.
When you install, you get two icons indeed, but both refer to the same copy of Gramps. Console is meant to see internal messages when needed. In most cases, standard Gramps is a better choice.

In the GrampsAIO64 3.4.8-1 version I imported a gedcom, looked around at all the stuff it does Ė love it! - I then tried to generate a report, but didnít do anything at all.

Hehe, yes, I can imagine that it looked like that. What it did in reality was write the report to your C:\Users\Nicky folder, or whatever your user folder is. And when a report sits there, you won't see it, because in normal situations, you only see files in Documents, Pictures, etc.

When you look inside your C:\Users\Nicky folder, you will probably find a few reports Gramps made, and to change this, I suggest that next time you try a report, you change the path where the report is to be made to your Documents folder, or whichever folder you like. You can also mark the checkbox to have the report with the standard application, so that, when you generate an html report, it will be opened in your browser right away. When you try this with an Ahnentafel report, generating and displaying the report should take less than a second.

So then I closed that and tried to use the console one. It opened great, then I clicked on the report thingy and saw it gave me options the other version hadnít, like pdf, word, etc. So I chose word, and tried to generate a book report on ends of lines Ė buzzed to see that option there! †But it just sat there doing nothing. Then it froze, and then I got one of those messages from windows saying they would close the program as it wasnít responding, then it closed.

Experience shows that depending on your hardware, an end of line report can take quite some time. Therefore I suggest you try an Ahnentafel first, and see if that works. It works for me on XP and 8.1, so it should work for you too.