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$ gramps -v

On 07/24/2014 12:00 AM, Chris Bagley wrote:
Apologies.  I keep forgetting that Gramps runs on other than Linux.

I am running version 4.0.3-1 on Linux, specifically Mint XFCE. I am using a Toshiba Satellite 100+ laptop with 2GB of RAM and with current video drivers.


On 24/07/14 11:07, Ken Bergen wrote:
On 23/07/14 05:51 PM, Chris Bagley wrote:
Greetings all
I have a problem when running the fan graph.  Gramps seizes up. I am presuming it is caught in a loop somewhere because it puts up an error window, without any details, and when after waiting a reasonable time (hours) I attempt to close it tells me that it is still running and do I really want to close.  Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong here?
Chris Bagley

Are you running Gramps on Windows, Mac or Linux?
Please include the version of which ever operating system you're running Gramps on.

Ken from Canada.

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