Hello Jean,
Objective: restore two GRDB family trees

I did the following on an Ubuntu 14.04 machine with regular Gramps version already installet:

1. download *tarball* for gramps-3.0.4 ! # Last stable release on 3.0.x branch


2. uncompress this archive

3. rename 'src/const.py.in' (const.in?) by 'src/const.py' # or run ./configure

// maybe 'src/const.py' file is already available into tarball(s), //

4. run this command:

~$ python src/gramps.py

INSTALL mentions to run autogen.sh, configure, and make, before you start src/gramps.py
:~/Downloads/gramps-3.0.4$ install intltool

install: missing destination file operand after ‘intltool’

Try 'install --help' for more information.

Try "sudo apt-get install intltool" instead. Then run configure and make again. No make install.

On Linux Mint 17 (Ubuntu 14.04 based) this works up to make, but I get an error on python src/gramps.py. Wonder what you get in real Ubuntu 14.04.