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Right now, a new gramps starts with the Welcome gramplet
and Top Surnames gramplet displayed in the Dashboard view.

I was wondering if we should add the FAQ gramplet also?

It might be a useful way for people new to gramps to get an
idea of what to do.

We could put it underneath the Top Surnames gramplet, or
(my preference) we could put it above Top Surnames.

Any thoughts?
I think that opening to the Gramplets view is a bit off-putting for new
users. We've had a fair number of complaints, especially on Louis
review site, from new users who couldn't figure out where to begin.

I'd think the most familiar place to begin a new file would be
view. If someone could figure out how it would be cool to have a tooltip
pointing at the primary-person edit icon saying "Click here to create
first person, or select Family Trees>Import to import an existing
from another program".

John Ralls

Fine with me.

What about starting in the Relationships view with the FAQ or Welcome
gramplet underneath?

Also, doesn't it really first start in the "manage family trees"
dialog?  That always confused me, back when, since I didn't
have a clue what to do when faced with that screen.
That is indeed the first thing a user sees. Some help text there would probably be welcome; that would be easy, too: Just an extra label that's added when there aren't any databases and says something like "Welcome to Gramps! To get started, click "New" to create your first Family Tree, then type in a name for it, press <Return>, and click "Open"."

Putting a gramplet underneath or to the side of the Relationship view might be an easy way to present some "getting started" instructions. The current Welcome Gramplet doesn't do that; it's Getting Started paragraph is about Manage Family Trees, which the user has already dismissed.

John Ralls

Just on that particular dialog (manage family trees) - when I've had Gramps crash out, leaving a database locked, recovery is mildly irritating - it tells me the database is locked, and asks if I want to unlock it, but if I say, "yes, unlock it", it doesn't actually open the database - unlock and open are distinct actions. Is this a deliberate choice? It's a bit counter-intuitive.

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