But then it's not a Descendant Chart...  :(

You could probably create a set of "People with a common ancestor with" filters, then join them in a "monster set" filter, and then run a Relationship Graph on that filter.

On 07/03/2014 04:42 AM, Alan H wrote:
Is there a way to get the parents, and perhaps also the siblings, of the people who marry into a family to show up on a Family Descendant Chart or some other chart that shows the whole family? (I'm using Mac version 4.0.3-1). I know I can get the parents to appear on an ancestor chart for a particular person, but would like to get the parents and maybe their family to appear in a descendant tree so everyone could see them and they'd be seen a part of the family.

My word, man!  Don't you know your quantum statistics?