no, i've just tried to move my post to Gramps-Dev from gramps-nabble but something wrong happens.

so, summary :
I try to use the function "place.serialize()"
Nick confirm that place fields are

4. Place:

  1. handle
  2. gramps_id
  3. title
  4. long (longitude)
  5. lat (latitude)
  6. placeref_list
  7. name
  8. alt_names
  9. place_type
  10. code
  11. alt_loc (deprecated)
  12. media_list
  13. citation_list
  14. note_list
  15. change
  16. tag_list
  17. private
but the function seems to return 18 parameters.

I think that the forgotten one  could be "url_list" but i can't find where to put it in the bottom list.

Does anybody know? or can you indicate me where i can find this information.


Le 03/07/2014 15:20, Ron Johnson a écrit :
Accidentally clicked <Send>?? :)

On 07/03/2014 01:25 AM, Hivernat Emmanuel wrote: