On 06/15/2014 05:44 PM, Doug Blank wrote:
On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 1:47 PM, Nick Hall <nick-h@gramps-project.org> wrote:
On 15/06/14 17:25, Paul Kilgo wrote:
> It seemed to work more or less for me, though I didn't spend that much
> time with it. It wasn't clear to me that gramps-connect was completely
> documented or actively maintained so I ultimately decided just to
> stick with the local app. I've only seen a few commits in its
> directory in the past half year. It does look like it has a lot of
> good work behind it though.

Gramps-connect is actively maintained.

Doug Blank is the main developer, and he will probably reply to this
thread when he sees it.

Replicating all of gramps via a web interface is a huge job, and isn't done yet. Gramps-connect is the most complete effort to date, but still needs more work.

I'm still hoping some developers will join in. I've been a bit busy in recent months, but maybe this summer will provide some time to make some more progress.

Is this a fork, or is it working the main code base towards GEPS 033 & 032?
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