It's really wrong, but for the used gtk3 there is still no gtk theme switcher for any Win system available (so far I know).
The only way I currently know is to manipulate manually ...\GrampsAIO-4.0.3-x\etc\gtk-3.0\settings.ini
You may choose one of the themes from
e.g.: gtk-theme-name = orion

Font size may be changed also in settings.ini:
instead "gtk-font-name = Tahoma"
use: "gtk-font-name = Tahoma 9" to force the font size to 9.
But be careful I never checked what happens using wrong values.
There are a lot of other gtk parameter possible too. But that's behind my focus.

On the developers site there are still some ongoing discussion what's to do and what's possible to do. Also there are trials to provide a better default for settings.ini. But I don't know when a solution could be available. I thought there is a feature request too, but I did loose the reference.

May be the documentation for 4.0.3 on Win is wrong. If the information you have found is really related to 4.0.x than you should file a bug report.

Am 27.02.2014 14:42, schrieb Eckhard Genßmann:

Hi all,


I’ve upgraded from Gramps 3.4.6 to 4.0.3 (GrampsAIO-4.0.3-4_win32_py27.exe) on Windows 7 Home premium.

I’ve seen the hint in the documentation to select a GTK theme – but can anyone tell me where to find the GTK theme switcher?


I googled for a while - but still did not find a hint, unfortunately


Many thanks for your help.