Hi George,
I just installed gramps 4.0.2 on Windows 7 x64 and it works well.  I added a couple of people but noticed that I can't add a middle name.  I am also unsure what to do about maiden names.  Should I add the person with their maiden name?  Would I add a name change event?  Also there is a bug when I try to add an event, the events don't scroll.  There is a long list of events that go off the screen so I can't select marriage.  I read the online documentation for version 4.0 but it doesn't answer either question.
If you're new to Gramps, you may be better off with version 3.4.6 for now. The next generation 4.0 is quite new, which is why you are more likely to run into the sort of scroll problems that you encounter now. I run 3.4.6 in Windows 8.1 one myself, and it works quite well.

This is not to say that 4.0.2 is bad, it's just that if the scroll thing is annoying to you now, I know that scrolling works in 3.4.6, which you can download here:


If this one's really better to your taste, you may need to use GEDCOM to transfer your tree from 4.0.2 to 3.4.6, and if you need any help with that, please ask.

I've used Gramps for a few years now, and version 4 is still too new for me. We still fix bugs in 3.4.6, so you're quite safe using that too.