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2013/11/4 Nick Hall <nick__hall@hotmail.com>
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And other work involved. Impact?

I have put a few notes together on a wiki page:


Is there anything missing?

I would suggest:

1.  trunk becomes master. Best to not drag old things with us of which we don't know the origin 5 years from now

2.  for svn: read only ok. Also, only people who reacted to the git mail poll keep commit rights. The rest has to reask, or we mail them explicitly to ask if they are still doing Gramps development. We need to reduce the access somewhat so as to know who all the people with access are, which due to the age of Gramps, we now don't know.
So I need to react for this.
Personnaly I prefer svn as commit is in only one phase and git is a two phases commit.
On git you must commit to save your modifications in your local repository.
Then you must push to have your modifs on the master.

perhaps i miss something.

for me git or svn is not a problem.

3. " Git does not pollute the source code tree " --> there is a .git in top directory though...