On 21.08.2013 14:38, Nick Hall wrote:
On 21/08/13 12:21, Enno Borgsteede wrote:
It is cosmetic and maybe it provides a better description, but should we commit an updated template, so translators will have time to update these strings, or should we try to keep 'old' strings for 3.4.x branch?
I prefer the better description, also in 3.4, and will try to help with translation when needed.

I backported the regular expression enhancements to both gramps34 and gramps40.

The updates to the rule names and descriptions indicate to the user that the rule may now be used to match a regular expression or find fields that contain a sub-string.  I chose the phrase "containing <text>" for this.

There are also a couple of cosmetic changes, and an additional tooltip summarising the basics of regular expressions.

Should I change the msgid for updated text in the po files?  Users would then see the old translated text, rather then the new English text.

Since you've added new things that you want to communicate to the user, best to leave it to the translators (even this means more work for me as I maintain ru.po)...