I think you will find that you are editing a specific gallery object associated with, say, a given person, ie. to which you want to add the note. If you add the note to the top section, it remains a note only for that specific gallery object associated with that person. If you add the note to the lower (shared) section, the note will be seen at all places where the same gallery object is otherwise referenced.
On 29/07/13 20:08, PhylisSophical wrote:
Gramps v. 3.4.3-1
In the Media Reference Editor, what is the difference between putting 'Notes' in the top section, or the bottom 'Shared information' section? Obviously, the bottom one 'shares' the info, but what if you want to share with some people and not others? Is there a reason to put them in both areas, which makes a duplicate entry in 'Notes'?
Please explain the best use of the two sections or direct me to the wiki entry that explains this.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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