that's a good idea to have such an option. Especially if think about other graphic views (e.g. Charts --> Graph View).
I tried several versions of printer drivers on my Win 7 systems and did found only  two acceptable solutions where the driver has an option to scale the image before the print.
And I assume it would be a hard job for the most of normal users to find a way to have it run well.

Finally I tried your patch on 4.0 maintenance branch. But I get this error message:
62024: ERROR: line 114: Unhandled exception
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "D:\EclipseWorkspace\Gramps4.0nativPy2.7.3\gramps\plugins\lib\maps\", line 760, in printview
  File "D:\EclipseWorkspace\Gramps4.0nativPy2.7.3\gramps\plugins\lib\maps\", line 100, in run
    print operation.get_export_filename("toto")
AttributeError: 'PrintOperation' object has no attribute 'get_export_filename'

May be it's because of the Win implementation?
If I remove the two lines with 'print operation.get_export_filename("toto")' I have no effect at all.

Before I do forget: The automatic orientation works well using the patch.

- Helge
Am 08.07.2013 21:39, schrieb Serge Noiraud:
Hi doug and Helge,

If you want, I have a patch which add the preview view,
resize the image to an A4 page and select automaticaly
portrait or lanscape format depending on width and height.

I send it to you to test it.
you applied it with :

# cd gramps40 ( your gramps 4.0 tree  )
# patch -p0 < add-printing-to-geography.A4.patch

I can't set the file name for pdf printing.

I removed the lists for this mail.
If you thinks it's better than the current patch, I'll commit it.