What's a "minimalist Borgia style" citation?
It's the one that I intend to define myself. Borg is the name of my Gramps database, WikiBorgia my personal wiki, and I'm still trying to figure out whether I'm related to the family with that name on HBO.

So it was sort of a pun, with a serious side though. I noticed that the issue of citation templates is still open in GedcomX [1], and you seem to be involved there too, and I am concerned about the subject here in this way that, when I send a Gramps XML with citations that use my own style, I may need to include the templates that I used for that, so that the receiving user understands what all that stuff is about. The downside of that however is the same as that of using custom events and such in a way that they may pollute the receiving user's database.

To prevent that, I'm considering using only a small set of generic attributes like folio, page, line, volume. If they are part of the standard vocabulary, I can create my own templates for input of all sorts of citation types, but rely on the receiving user's config for the conversion of a set of attributes to a citation string.