When I was trying this out I noticed that there is a problem with the combo in the SrcAttribute editor.

Clicking the drop-down arrow once, does nothing except draw two vertical lines where the list should appear.  Clicking a second time does produce a list after a short delay.

Scrolling down to the bottom of the list is slow.

I expect this is due to the large number of entries in the list.


On 27/05/13 21:06, Benny Malengier wrote:

In trunk there is now one example of editing values in the displaystabs: you can edit the value of attribute of source and citation (so SrcAttribute displaytab).

Code do change a textfield in a tab to allow this is simple, see changes done in

So, what other fields to enable like this? Post on what you would like to see editable in the tabs.

Some remarks:
1/ I don't made the srcattribute type itself editable in the displaytab. I think this is not something that normally will change after first creation. If people have good reasoning to allow other types on other displaytabs, I can add a generic mechanism to allow editable comboxes in displaytabs

2/ I added private column to displaytab (, but this is not editable. As privacy is an important thing we don't want people changing by accidently clicking somewhere, I did not do this.

3/Don't suggest to make complicated fields editable in displaytabs. So not eg Name of a person, as that is a compound field.


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