Benny has suggested that I make the census addons part of the core 
Gramps functionality.

What do you think about this?

Should a census become a certificate?

How should we integrate certificates into the Gramps user interface?
I agree with Benny here. We can expand the Source view for this purpose, which can provide a tree view of:
- Author
- Source (Title)
- Certificate / Citation
- Citation text (note) / Persons found in the certificate

Further wishes:
- In place editing,
- Replace the citation term with something like source record (which may be a certificate), to avoid confusion with as it is more common used to identify or reference a source.

I would love to have something that's sort of mixture between the catalog and source box on FamilySearch. That's because the catalog provides elements like author and title, with better definition of the actual artifact than the title you find in the source box. And the source box, because it has the details, and fields for URL and citation.

I somehow hope to be able to think up something that supports evidence as suggested in

but without all those templates. I have those in AQ and RM, and I find them way too difficult to use, and a waste too, because they don't cover local certificates anyway.