Am 08.03.2013 04:12, schrieb John Ralls:

On Mar 7, 2013, at 2:31 PM, "Helge.Herz" <> wrote:

There are a new package and patches available to have all currently known packages (including osm-gps-map) to run Gramps 4.0 using this environment. 
For more details see as before:
Now it's time to check all details.
Warning: There is a python crash if one uses the htmlviewer with any external address (http:\\..). Something like "file:///C:/Gramps...." runs well.

If you really tried http:\\, it's no surprise that it crashes... ;-)

John Ralls

One time Windows - every time Windows, so I like the backslash. :-)
Better: "http:\\.." forces a Message without crash - but the nice "http://..." will do that after the page (may be mostly) is loaded.

- Helge