"406: ERROR: gramps.py: line 105: Unhandled exception" tells about unexpected exceptions.

From here it's difficult to understood what kind of exception forces the issue. So only some ideas to go ahead (I run this installation without trouble on Win7 64bit Professional):
Do you have any special anti-virus software or special security rights for the normal user active?
Just try to run Gramps using administrator rights via context menu.
Just try a complete new installation:
May be its a good idea not to install Gramps into "C:\Program Files". Define any other directory e.g. "c:\Gramps" to prevent special security actions for the default program directory.
May be it's because the default Gramps home directory: Define your own GRAMPSHOME - use too your own directory (SET GRAMPSHOME=D:\XXX).

Again, it's the try to find someting in the dark. So may be you already did something like my suggestions.

- Helge

Am 02.02.2013 21:05, schrieb James Smithe:
I checked my computer for all of the dlls in the gramps folder and subfolders and they are not present anywhere else on my hard drive.