The whois record shows that it got updated this very night, at 02:18:59 UTC, shortly before Stéphane noticed. I believe the domain just got hijacked. Someone stole or guessed the admin password for the domain, and changed the DNS server info. is a hosting service in Palestine, BTW. There's no reason to think they're directly involved, though.

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It's down, indeed; it is a DNS problem. Whois reports lives in and, but these servers know nothing about it.
I have looked at, but it's all in Arabic. Googling for isn't very reassuring. The owner of the domain (Brian, it seems) should look into it right away.

2008/12/29 Algis Kabaila <>

On Mon, 29 Dec 2008 13:46:22 Stéphane Charette wrote:
> Is the web site down, or am I having ISP issues?  I cannot resolve
>, or
> Whois tells me it isn't expiring until 2010, so I'm not worried we
> missed a renewal.
> Stéphane
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