Oh, I see it now. I didn't even know this report existed. Thanks,


2008/10/29 Benny Malengier <benny.malengier@gmail.com>

2008/10/29 Joan Creus <joan.creus@gmail.com>

Sorry, but inlaws doesn't work for me, and I have tried both English and French, where the code actually contains the right strings for in-laws (some other languages don't). My wife is reported as "not related" to any of my brothers or parents (but I'm recognized as the husband, so the link is there). Should this qualify as a bug, then?

No, as said, in-law calculation is expensive, and is not activated everywhere. A quick check here shows relationship calculator does not run it, but the quick report: Relation to home person, does it. Quick report is in the context menu in the people view, and in the context menu on the top of the person editor. So you might arrive on a person editor window, and with this quick report quickly check the relation to the home person.