jerome skrev 2012-10-08 17:23:

"The warnings you mention (I suppose you mean the output "../gramps/plugins/view/ warning: 'msgid' format string with unnamed arguments cannot be properly localized:" 
are things in the translation you can fix"

I added a possible patch on bug #6086[1].

Fixes/Improvements are classical python mapping.

Maybe possible issues on:

* gramps/plugins/textreport/
use of combine function???

* gramps/plugins/mapservices/
I was not able to understand:
                msg2 = _("Latitude not within %s to %s\n") + \
                       _("Longitude not within %s to %s")
                msg2 = msg2 % (54.55, 69.05, 8.05, 24.15)
Is there any conversion somewhere for using a second line with msg2?
What's the problem?  It works very well in 3.4.1 at least.


Also, 'gramps/gen/db/' from line 83 to 88 is already using something like a map. I do not know how to make any change there!



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