Peter G skrev 2012-09-23 19:40:
Running Windows Vista 32 bit
Currently installed 3.31 of Gramps.

I have limited to zero knowledge of python, programming, etc.  Since, 3.4.x seems to only be available as an easy AIO for 64 bit Windows I'm not going to install 3.4.x until next year with new computer. If I'm wrong about the 3.4 version please correct me.

Looking to update from 3.3.1 to 3.3.2 of Gramps.

Do I need to uninstall my current version and then install 3.3.2?  Will the new version use the same database that is already on the hard drive? 
The best thing to do with all upgrades is to
1. Make Gramps XML backups
2. Uninstall the old version
3. Install the new Gramps
4. Create a new Family Tree for each of your trees
5. Import your Gramps XML backups to these trees

I have current backups of both my trees made via the programs "make backup" menu command including images.
I hope you mean the backup facility within Gramps.

I've used the TODO List extensively for both trees. Is that part of the backups? will that remain part of the database after the upgrade?
It's better someone else answer this. I have not used TODO List myself.


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