I like these changes.  We need to think more about smaller screen sizes.

1. I started to do this by removing the word "gramplet" from the title of gramplets.  I think we should go even further and remove the word "report" from reports, and "graph" from graphs, "tool" from tools etc...

2. "Ancestry" was not right, but I don't think that "Graph" is either for this category.

3. I have never liked the idea of having icons to switch view in the toolbar.  I said so at the time, but obviously nobody else agreed with me.


On 18/09/12 09:16, Benny Malengier wrote:
I did some GUI changes in trunk after trying Gramps on a smaller monitor with text in the toolbar.

1. Shorter texts for views. So instead of Person View, now Persons, ...
2. Category Ancestry now is named 'Graphs', so as to be more correct it is not only ancestry
3. In a toolbar, the most used should be at the front, as the back might not fit on the screen. So I changed the order, and reduced the number of seperators
 a) fam tree manager
 b) navigation (back forward home)
 c) basic edit (like add delete person)
 d) tag
 e) clipboard
 f) Config view
 g) switch views
 h) reports and tools dialog

This order corresponds to the order in the menu, so is more consistent in my opinion
4. Configure View... -> Configure... (it is in the View menu)

Try it before shooting it down :-)


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