I started this thread because I do not think that BSDDB is necessarily the best database engine today or the best for implementing large, complex data stores. Furthermore as I looked at the current database I felt that the existing DB looks overly complex. I went looking for Gramps design documentation and could not find any, APIs are implementation not design.
rest of comments inline.
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On 30/07/2012 11:30 PM, Doug Blank wrote:

Welcome to Gramps! I presume that you are new to Gramps, as there are
already tools to move Gramps data back and forth between SQL
Fairly new.
The most straightforward is the Sqlite import and export addons. You
can get these via the auto updater build into Gramps 3.3 and greater.
See menu -> Preferences -> general -> Check for updates, etc.

The Sqlite exporter is 100% Gramps complete, exporting all of the
genealogical data (doesn't export other items, like bookmarks, etc.)
It has it all.

You can also export via the Django exporter (and also import as well).
This allows migration to many SQL-based systems. However, this design
is based on an ORM and is automated. It is not easy to use without the
OK, so why have we not migrated Gramps to an SQL database.
Finally, we are completing web-based version of Gramps. It uses
relational data for the browsing and querying, but it uses the Gramps
BSDDB internal hierarchical structures for interfacing with Gramps
code. Because we wanted to utilize all of the existing Gramps code, it
was found too slow to do this with a relational data model. But the
web-based version uses both, and can switch back and forth when
An online version is of little interest to me unless I can maintain complete control of my data.

Please feel free to ask additional questions, and read the extensive
info at the wiki [1].


[1] - http://www.gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=Main_page

On Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 10:55 PM, john <john@klam.ca> wrote:
I am trying to determine what entities might be involved in a Gramps
Database, I am interested because I believe that Gramps should be
migrated to a SQL DB be that MySQL, Postgres or SQLite.

What modelling tools should we use, in order to make exchange of
information easier?

I believe that the following are the fundamental entities that are
involved: Person, Event, Relationship, Location, Source.
Are these the fundamentals? Are there others that should be included?
What should each of these entities contain?

John A

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