On 27/06/2012 5:32 AM, Benny Malengier wrote:

2012/6/27 j debert <jdebert@garlic.com>
On 06/26/2012 06:20 PM, john wrote:
> Is any work being done to move Gramps to either SQLite or one of the
> other SQL databases (MySQL, Prostgres).

SQLite sounds like a good idea. The db isn't centralized like mysql,
etc., so the db can be kept in Gramps working directory, which makes
it portable. And SQLite doesn't have to run as a daemon, it doesn't
need to run until needed. Also, there's plenty of external tools for
SQLite which means that everything db doesn't need to be incorporated
into Gramps. Gramps could even be made leaner by delegating internal
db functions to external SQLIte utils and perhaps even call SQLite
executables to handle the db and maintenance. That would conserve
system recources, using only what's needed when needed. And it would
free Gramps developers from having to maintain all the db functions.

This questions pops up now and then.
The datamodel for gramps in SQL form would be huge. A lot of queries to just build our view tables. This would not be a saving as to the current model!

Doug tried a real SQL for gramps-connect, and it was much slower than our current setup.
He now uses sqllite or another sql via django, but with tables that are dumps of our bsddb tables. So SQL in name only.

I don't mind SQL, but I also think we need not fix what is not broken. Also, we could have both, I once did a design for that. Apart from another database engine, not much benefit however.

Keep in mind that we now can work highly optimized with a very low level database layer. This is not something we should throw away.



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When I look at the diagrams of the Gramps database, as seen here, it looks very complicated. The main problem that I have is that the diagram shown is a .gif and does not scale very well. Which makes it difficult to study and/or comment on.
I wonder if it needs to this complicated, maybe it might be a good idea to do some data modelling with a view to normalizing and simplifying the data structure.

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