On 06/23/2012 10:23 AM, Ida Louise Johnson wrote:
Is it possible to have a function key that repeats the last data entered in a field? When I used the Master Genealogist F3 would repeat up to the last 15 entries in a field. That maybe too many but at least 5 entries would be helpful. Re-keying the same info can lead to mistakes. Just wondering if this is possible or something I need to try to create on my own.

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Ida Louise

Ida, I often use the Gramps clipboard for this.

Then again, if you are repeating the same thing one after the other, using Ctrl C and Ctrl V works a treat.

Also, if you have a clipboard app as part of your OS, then you can set this to remember a specific number of items that you have Ctrl C'd and just pick them out when wanted.