Le 11/06/2012 10:39, "Karl-Heinz Brünen" a écrit :



reading your mail, I checked my gramps installation ant noticed that the geo-tab was not working. Therefore I setup a new project "osmgpsmap" (http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/k-hb/openSUSE_12.1) for libosmgpsmap and python-bindings at OBS (openSuSE Build Service) yesterday. At the moment it's broken by a 64bit-issue. I will work at the topic (hopefully) tomorrow. After solving it, I will write a note.

The person who asked for that uses openSUSE 12.1 (i586) / 32 bits.
Thanks for asking this to OBS.





Serge Noiraud <Serge.Noiraud@free.fr> hat am 9. Juni 2012 um 19:43 geschrieben:

> Hi,
> Are there on the list anybody which use opensuse ?
> If yes, do you use the geography view ?
> If yes, where did you load the osmgpsmap on your distrib ?
> Some one ask me outside the list where to find the python-osmgpsmap ?
> After a google search, I found a build for opensuse, but they only create the libosmgpsmap,
> not the python bindings.
> Can you give me some infos on this.
> Serge