On 29/03/12 05:29, Rob Healey wrote:
Greetings and good day to you:

In looking at multiple different projects that are using setup.py, I have noticed that in their main directory where all of the work goes on in their program, all of the other files are outside of it!

To explain more:
we have trunk/src and under it, we have data, plugins/webstuff/css, images, javascript, etc...

so for what I am proposing to do, is to move all images to be in one place outside of src...
* all style sheets to be outside of src...
* all javascript, templates, etc to be outside of src...

Inside of src, should only be *.py files nothing else...

There are quite a few file types under src at the moment:


Do you plan to move all of them?  If so, where to?


I hope that I have not confused anyone with this un- organized thought process?

Is this something that I might be able to do???

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

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