On 27/03/12 08:04, Tony Gordon wrote:

I have no idea how or when this happened so cannot help there. I looked at the exported xml file and each tag has its own tag handle and priority but the name and color were common for each duplicate.

It looks like it happens when a database with tags is imported into another with tags of the same name.

I have opened a bug report:


I cleaned it up by:
adding a suffix '-1' or '-2' to the duplicate tag names
using the tag filter on the filter side bar to select those tagged '-2' for each tag in turn
removing the '-2' tag and adding the '-1' tag (fortunately there were not too many to change)
removing the tags with the suffix '-2' in the tag organizer
renaming the '-1' tags back to the original.

Yes, that will work.

You only have to rename one of the duplicates to distinguish it from the other (that you will keep).
Show objects with the renamed version using the filter, then tag all the rows (use Ctrl-A to select). 
When you remove the renamed version in the Organizer it will also remove the tags from the objects.