As Tim has already pointed out, why are you using gep-65 and gep-42 instead of gep-26 and gep-27?

If the geps has changed significantly it is not unprofessional to withdraw it and start a new one.  You may wish to keep the same geps though and just try a different coding approach.

It is possible to move a wiki page, but it will re-direct from the old one.

With the new setup will we still have to update the po/ and po/POTFILES.skip files?

This geps sounds like a good idea.



On 24/03/12 17:55, Rob Healey wrote:

I know that it might be somewhat unprofessional to dump and delete a geps once it has been started, but there were too many things that had been changed to re-do them now!

You can find the new one at:
svn co

I have noticed that in looking at different projects that use that they have kept them functionality to use autotools and Python DistUtils also!  It gives the user the ability to choose for themselves...

Please forgive me and please continue to support this new geps...

Sincerely yours,
Rob G. Healey

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