On 30/12/11 02:34, Doug Blank wrote:
On Thu, Dec 29, 2011 at 5:23 AM, Nicholas Robinson <npr@bottlehall.co.uk> wrote:

Is there a plugin/gramplet or something available for Gramps to keep a
descriptive log of work done in Gramps? I can't find one, but references
to the technical and bug logs keep appearing on searches.

As I tend to work in bursts (taking advantage of special offers on the
archive websites!) I often get a huge amount of new information in one
evening and record it faithfully into Gramps as I go and then promptly
forget to tell the other members of my family. They then get cross when
I make reference to some juicy nugget some months later that they have
no idea about!

If there was some text file that I could use as an aide memoire it would
help me enormously.
There is also the TODO Gramplet that is just a textual editor for your
notes. You can even rename the Gramplet (if it is on the Gramplet
View) to be more descriptive, and have multiple ones on the view. You
can also have them for each View now. I like the TODO gramplet better
than the "last changed" time, as that will change if you view a record
and press "Ok" rather than "Cancel", and allows for details about
exactly what I'm doing.

Note: Currently these notes are stored in the Gramps home directory
(.gramps) in .ini files and needs to be backed up with other important
data, if you wish to save them. In the future it is planned that these
notes would be stored in the database with other notes. That will also
allow linking and formatting. Also, if you accidentally delete the
TODO gramplet, you should immediately undelete it. Otherwise the notes
will be deleted.

Yes Doug,
    I use the ToDo gramplet for doing this. What I do is add more than one instance of the gramplet.
    I can then use one ToDo list for each websites data. Being able to detach these makes it easy
     to use the data.It is easy to mark, or delete the data as I enter it making life much easier.


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