The relationship view shows the family containing the parents followed by a list of families for each spouse.

When you create a family you can specify a relationship type.  This will normally be "Married" but you can also specify "Unmarried".

The start and end of a marriage will normally be defined by a marriage event and a death or divorce event.  The start and end of an unmarried relationship may be harder to define.

The "Family" heading does appear even when there are no relationships, but there will be nothing listed under it.  Is this what you are asking about?


On 25/08/11 10:00, Albert Gouveia wrote:
In gramps in the the relationship page family is always listed even though a person may not be married. During the life of a person this may be ok since they might get married at some time or the other. But after a person dies, I feel family should not appear if we could list them as bachelor or spinster at death. This will also help identify cases where record is complete or incomplete vis-a-vis family. Any suggestions. Thank you.

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