Try using the Hourglass Graph.
Choose someone who is very young (eg a baby) as the centre person.
Report -> Graphs -> Hourglass graph
Paper Options (tab) -> select required output format
Options (tab) -> select Center Person.


On 30/07/11 22:42, Christian Weiske wrote:

I'm trying to use Gramps to generate the family tree for a wedding
poster. All data have been collected, and now I want to export the
graphical ancestor tree.

Unfortunately for me, the generated tree is built up horizontally - the
current person on the left, and all the older generations further to the

I'd like to have the tree on the poster vertically: The current person
on the bottom, and all the ancestors higher - just like a "real" tree.
In the end I'd like to put the picture of a big real tree in the

Is it possible to generate such a file? How?

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