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2011/1/31 Nick Hall <nick__hall@hotmail.com>

Benny Malengier wrote:

2011/1/31 Serge Noiraud <Serge.Noiraud@free.fr <mailto:Serge.Noiraud@free.fr>>

   Le 31/01/2011 19:03, Gerald Britton a écrit :
   > I think this method arrived in GTK 2.19 but we should be
   restricted to
   > 2.12, I believe.
   I think I can comment this line. It works. This was added during
   all my tests.
   I update svn for that.

Yes, It did on my box too . I was using lucid, the LTS.
As Nick said, you should also disable the possibility to set the sidebar. If you want this functionality, you should use the uimanager, so
action = uimanager.get_action('/MenuBar/ViewMenu/Bars/Sidebar')

Bottombar is not working for me on geoview, does that work on more recent version? I would set bottombar not available on geoview, seems most easy thing.

Disabling the bottombar would be easy, but the resizing problem is with the sidebar as well.  I could disable both until we fix this issue.

What exactly is the problem?

I have not looked at the code, but it must be possible to find the geometry of the container widget.  I don't see why we need to resize things.

If the user changes the size of the window then the view should change size as appropriate and the map should be redrawn.

I think it would be nice if the geoview had a timer in the resizing code. The first time, start the timer, and only a second after calls to redraw are finished, actually resize. The problem seems to be that the network is too slow to pass info, and in the meantime gtk is already some cycles ahead, causing all kind of problems.
I already use timers to set the crosshair, to show the markers.
I can try this.
Added in svn 16522.




   > On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 12:58 PM, Serge
   Noiraud<Serge.Noiraud@free.fr <mailto:Serge.Noiraud@free.fr>>  wrote:

   >> Le 31/01/2011 11:35, Benny Malengier a écrit :
   >> It was brought to my attention that we are slipping up on the
   >> http://gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=3.3_Roadmap
   >> So, as far as I know:
   >> 1. Nick still has to finalize things for the bottombar
   >> 2. Michael's merge patch fix still has to go in, major database
   >> 3. Geoview is now completely broken?
   >> $ python src/gramps.py
   >> 1116: WARNING: Spell.py: line 66: Spelling checker is not installed
   >> 6395: ERROR: gramps.py: line 142: Unhandled exception
   >> Traceback (most recent call last):
   >>    File "/home/benny/gramps/trunk/src/plugins/view/geoview.py",
   line 928, in
   >> _size_request_for_map
   >>      self.box1.set_allocation(self.box1_size)
   >> AttributeError: 'gtk.VBox' object has no attribute 'set_allocation'
   >> I don't have this problem on natty and on maverick ( ubuntu )
    with last svn
   >> What gtk version do you use ?
   >> what distribution ?
   >> Otherwise many tickets against trunk in the bug tracker, so a
   lot of cleanup
   >> work.
   >> Anybody has other large commits that for some reason need to go
   in 3.3? If
   >> not, I would suggest to spin off a 3.3 branch, so that the
   minds are more
   >> focused on bringing that branch into shape.
   >> Thoughts?
   >> Benny