Benny Malengier wrote:
1. A new file metaformat which would contain the database files and
media files.
2. Or simpler, a project file and a directory with all the data, e.g.
name of the file: my_family_tree.gramps
name of the directory: my_family_tree
(both in the same path)

I'm not in favor of this. It might be useful, but it is a lot of complication in the code for little gain.

Why would the second option be complicated? It's enough to provide an Open file dialog instead of the Family Tree manager. Then, instead of having two Quit options (Quit or Quit abandonning changes), we would have only one option (asking if we want to save changes on exit, like in other programs) and a Save option, to save the changes whenever we want to.

Some things here.
*Some people set their database location on an NFS share, and can work on different computers like that. This works provided that the bsddb versions on the different computers are compatible, and the same Gramps version is used.

And what about media paths? Can I point them to NFS?

*You can open/save a family tree from a different place via the command line. So it is possible to create .desktop files per family tree. The main reasoning to stick with the current layout is simplicity. The average Gramps users is not a PC-guru, so it should just work. For jour use case where you give 8. steps, I can give you this:
1. I export the family tree to XML Package.
2. My mother clicks on the file
3. She makes the changes.
4. She exports the family tree.
5. I click the xml file
6. with manager I change the file name and delete the old one

It can be a solution, but I would say that the average MS Word user or Photoshop user is also not a PC guru, but they somehow grasp the concept of files and projects.
Juliusz Gonera